Healthy beetroot juice

The beautiful and bright color of beetroots can make anyone fall in love with them. Yet, it is often ignored, perhaps because of its distinctive taste. If you’re not a fan, you should know that beetroot has been gaining amazing popularity as the new superfood around the world. Beetroot is considered one of the healthiest

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Pumpkin & ginger soup

Vegan, gluten-free and tasty. Soups are bound to be something for everyone in every season. One of our favorite healthy soups is a vegan & gluten-free tasty PUMPKIN & GINGER SOUP packed full of nutrition in every serving. Ingredients: 1 kg pumpkin 2 shallots 75 g ginger a few sprigs of fresh herbs: such as

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Pumpkin pan

Pumpkin is on the menu in autumn. The good thing about the Hokaido pumpkin is that you don’t have to peel it. Enjoy the beautiful side of autumn with this delicious pumpkin pan. Ingredients for 2 servings: 400 g Hokkaido pumpkin 1 onion 250 g mixed minced meat 2 tablespoons of oil according to tolerance

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