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A strong foundation of medical knowledge and experience – the International ImuPro Scientific Advisory Board

In-depth medical knowledge and scientific support are extremely important for constantly improving a diagnostic tool like ImuPro. In 2013 our International ImuPro Scientific Advisory Board was founded: a committee comprised of medical doctors and scientists from 12 countries worldwide.

The board members have several decades of experience in using ImuPro in their daily medical practices and are providing valuable expert knowledge. Every two years, this Scientific Advisory Board meets to discuss the latest developments in food hypersensitivities and other related topics in the field of immunology. The experts share experiences and their best practices, in order to offer our clients the best support possible. These meetings also help in the future development of the ImuPro concept.

In November 21, our 5th International Scientific Advisory Board Meeting was held online. Read more.

The head of the committee Dr. Camille Lieners from Luxembourg supports the scientific exchange among the board members throughout the year. Introducing our International Scientific Board panel. Feel free to contact your local the Scientific Board member which might be the best to give you the expert advice you need. Find out more about them by clicking on their image.

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