ImuPro: IgG food allergy testing and nutritional guidance

Your trusted companion on your path to better health

ImuPro is a concept that combines a sophisticated and reliable blood analysis for IgG food allergies with our unique post-test guidance.

In an extensive laboratory analysis, high levels of IgG antibodies specific to particular food proteins are identified precisely and reliably. A wide portfolio of up to 270 foods can be tested. Together with your test results, you will receive your individual nutritional concept – your building blocks to a healthier life.

Your IgG test results and your personal nutritional guidelines will help you to find the foods that are good for you and to pinpoint your individual “trigger foods”. By avoiding the foods that cause you problems, inflammatory processes can be reduced or even stopped and your body can recover.

Learn more about the ImuPro test, the nutritional strategy and the personalised documents you will receive:

Your Test | Your Strategy | Your Documents

Hundreds of thousands of patients have trusted in ImuPro and taken the test within the last 10 years. Read more about their experiences.

Your building blocks:

  • Elaborate and reliable IgG test
  • Individual dietary recommendations
  • Tasty personalised recipes
  • Handy rotation and provocation plan
  • Helpful wallet card with your possible trigger foods
  • Practical tips for everyday life
  • Professional scientific and nutritional advice
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