Dr. Gabriela Ion

Romania, Bukarest

What is your specialization in medicine and in your practice/surgery?

Currently I am

  • Currently Associate Professor at the Carol Davila University of Medicine.
  • PhD specializing in pediatrics
  • Main competences are in pediatrics, nephrology, ultrasound, integrative (alternative) medicine, specifically gemmotherapy and homeopathy.

How long is your experience with ImuPro?

I have been using ImuPro in this field for aboI have been using ImuPro in this field since 2012.

How many patients could you help with ImuPro?

More than 1.000 patients.

Why do you work with ImuPro?

I work in a hospital t

As an Associate Professor, I teach the university students about chronic/inflamatory/ autoimmune diseases. Any chronic illness has a triggering or sustaining cause, inflammation being almost always present. The healing path is the reverse of the production path.
I work in a hospital that has become known for solving complicated cases. When other hospitals are unable solve a case, they usually send the patients to us. For me, IgG mediated allergies and dysbiosis are essential.

What is your biggest treatment success with ImuPro?
Any special case you can’t get out of your head?

I remember a 5 years old boy who has developed a type 1 diabetis which has to be treated with insulin injections of 2 different types. He often suffered under hyperglycaemia overnight which has to be treated with fast-acting insulin. An ImuPro test has shown 115 reactions with strong reactions against dairy products, gluten, egg and garlic. Following the ImuPro diet starting in April the maximum glucose values decreased from 370 to only 180 in June! In July one of the insuline administration of one type could be stopped, the dosis of the other insulin type could be reduced from 4 to 1 mm. A remarkable treatment success with ImuPro!

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