Dr. Eric Menat

Muret, France

What is your specialization in medicine and in your surgery?

  • General practitioner with homeopathic and phytotherapy orientation.
  • Diploma in Nutrition, one in Cancerology and a diploma of Genetics and Immunology.
  • Specialized in Nutrition
  • Author of several books about Nutrition and cancer (available in French)

How long is your experience with ImuPro?

I started working with ImuPro in 2006

Why do you work with ImuPro?

ImuPro offers me the best way to find the true food intolerances and to understand the causes of the patient’s symptoms. Furthermore, it allows me to go faster towards the solution and relieve my patient’s complaints more quickly. Thus he avoids taking unnecessary medication because if those foods that have been tested IgG positive are excluded, many symptoms disappear.

What is your biggest treatment success with ImuPro?
Any special case you can’t get out of your head?

Since I have been using ImuPro I have had many spectacular results. The ones that have made the biggest impact on me have been migraines, constipation, eczema and asthma. A 50 year old patient had migraines since she was 14 years old. After applying the results of the Imupro assessment, her migraines were reduced by 90% within 2 months.

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