Prof. Dr. Rafael L. Carasso

Tel Aviv, Israel

What is your specialization in medicine and in your surgery?

  • Professor for Science of Brain and Nervous System
  • Specialist in Neurology and Chronic Pain Treatment (Israel)
  • Specialist in delaying aging processes – 4AM (USA)
  • Chief (retired) of the Neurology Department, Pain Clinic and the Complementary and Integrative Medicine Clinic in the Hillel-Yaffe Medical Governmental Center, Hadera, Israel.
  • Academic Chief of Medi-Win, School for Complementary Medicine near Zinman College in Wingate Institute, Netanya, Israel
  • Teacher of Neurology and Brain Sciences in the Technion Medical School, Haifa, and Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel.

How long is your experience with ImuPro?

I have been working with Food Sensitivity Tests for more than six years.

Why do you work with ImuPro

In many cases of unsolved diseases and complaints, it turns out that food sensitivity plays a major role. Unclear symptoms, headaches, muscle aches, breathing disorders, allergies, gastro-intestinal complaints – in many of these cases, the key is in Food Sensitivity Test.

What is your biggest treatment success with ImuPro?
Any special case you can’t get out of your head?

I cannot think of no one special dramatic event. As mine is a private clinic, the patients usually just report on improvement in their condition. In many cases there is a remarkable improvement with joint pain, headaches and gastro-intestinal problems. It should be noted that during covid-19 time we have hardly worked at all.

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