Theodoor Scheepers

Eindhoven, Netherlands

What is your specialization in medicine and in your practice/surgery?

  • Medical Analytical Chemistry Engineer
  • Background working in Haematology and Clinical hospital laboratory for 10 years. Microbiology laboratory in food, water and zoonosis for 12 years.
  • Former Laboratory Director in a medical laboratory for almost 30 years.
  • Besides the clinical chemistry department I founded the Microbiology department.
  • Specialties are general immunology and Lyme Disease

How long is your experience with ImuPro?

I think almost from the beginning when ImuPro came on the market.  So since 2000.

How many patients could you help with ImuPro?

Over the years that will be thousands of patients.

Why do you work with ImuPro?

I guess you might say that it is one of my babies that I have helped grow up. I have seen so many people who completely recovered from their problems by using ImuPro. Not only the ones that are overweight, also intestinal and skin problems. For me personally, it helped me to get rid of my headaches and migraine that I have had for years.

Food is the basis of our health and we need to get adverse immunologic reactions in the gut under control before we, in cases of Lyme Disease for instance, use a antibiotic regime. ImuPro helps us to lower the low grade inflammation in the patient. These low grade inflammation has been categorised as “a silent killer”. Low grade inflammation is involved in dozens of pathological pathways and that’s why ImuPro is so important for me also as the basis of a treatment.

What is its relevance in your Medical Health Center.

Food is the basis of our health and we need to get adverse immunologic reactions in the gut under control before we, in cases of Lyme Disease for instance, use a antibiotic regime.  ImuPro helps us to lower the low grade inflammation in the patient.  That’s why ImuPro is part of almost every treatment protocol we have in our center.

What is your biggest treatment success with ImuPro?
Any special case, you can’t get out of your head?

Several years ago, a colleague called me and said he would like to have my help in a case of a young girl, age about 6 years. The MD told me, the girl was admitted in the hospital because of chronic diarrhoea. Although she was in the hospital her condition deteriorated and at one point the paediatrician and the dietician decided the girl needed extra feeding by a line trough the nose directly in the stomach. The girl even deteriorated more.
On my advice, blood was taken for ImuPro (This was also a big struggle, because the hospital not agreed: “There was no scientific proof for ImuPro to help”). But there was also no other protocol which helped the poor girl at this point. So, due to the pressure of the parents, the blood was taken and ImuPro was done. When you looked at the trigger foods, they were almost the same products as the girl got with the line-feeding. The reactions for milk and milk products were extremely high, also gluten, wheat and other grains. After removing the nose-feeding and rechanged the dietary intake, the girl went to school several weeks later. The reaction of the MD and parents were : “If the girl would have been treated in the hospital with this kind of nose-feeding, she would have died”.

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