Raw Vegetable Salad

A blast of colourful raw vegetables and a simple salad dressing, come together in this tasty and nourishing vegetable salad bowl. Gluten free and vegan, this salad will make a great side to any meal but I devour this beautiful rainbow for a full meal.

Since there is no cooking involved, it takes just about 10 minutes to chop all the salad vegetables and put it together. The vegan salad dressing is the easiest – just shake everything together in a jar or whisk in a bowl.

This colourful salad is like eating a rainbow. The different salad vegetables not only bring in colours but also a lot of different types of vitamins and minerals. Plus there is lots of water and healthy fibre content.

The greens are great detoxifying vegetables, the purples are rich in anti-oxidants, the reds promote blood circulation, the orange fights cancer and the whites promote heart health.


  • Mixed lettuce green and purple
  • Purple cabbage shredded
  • Cucumbers sliced
  • Carrots sliced
  • Radish
  • Avocado sliced

For the dressing


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