How to prevent typical winter diseases

The good news: You can actively help prevent typical diseases in winter.

For example:

Go for the onion look

Wear several layers of clothing, one on top of each other so you can easily take off or put on a layer depending on the temperature. This way you ensure that you do not overheat in warm rooms or freeze outdoors.

Drink a lot

As already mentioned, dry heating air leads to dry mucous membranes. Prevent it by drinking two liters of fluids a day.

Use vitamins and minerals

You can strengthen your immune system with a healthy diet rich in vitamins. Because in the fight against infections it needs to be in top form! Actively support your immune system by giving it an extra portion of fruit and vegetables every day.

Wash your hands frequently

Our hands come into contact with countless objects during the day and in this way pick up bacteria and viruses that can cause infections. It is therefore advisable to wash your hands more often during the cold season.

Sleep a lot!

During sleep, our body recovers and gathers new strength to fight infections.

As the saying goes:
Sleep yourself healthy!

We wish you a healthy cold season!

Healthy gut – Healthy body

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