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When poorly digested food proteins pass into the blood stream, the immune system perceives them as foreign proteins and produces specific IgG antibodies against them. This can cause local or systemic inflammatory reactions with negative side effects on your health and performance. The intestine may have local ischemia, due to red blood cell mobilization in the muscles. This can lead to an increase in gut permeability and may put you at a higher risk of more adverse food reactions.
IgG food allergy reactions are delayed by several hours or even days. Sometimes they are often silent. It is literally impossible to identify them without testing. It is very difficult to associate a food you have eaten two days ago with symptoms appearing today.

Foods that you consume on a regular or daily basis could create a chronic inflammation with no chance of recovery.

Chronic inflammation leads to:

  • reduced access to oxygen, due to clumping of red blood cells. Oxygen transfer is impaired increasing the anaerobic phase faster.
  • reduced availability of sugar in the muscle cells. TNF-α, a strong inflammatory mediator blocks the insulin receptor, so then your muscle can’t produce enough energy.
  • formation of AGE products (Advanced Glycation End products). They lead to stiffness of the tendons and muscle fibers, thus increasing the risk of injuries.
  • the loss of self-confidence.

In a double blind crossover study with swimmers over 45 days, we could demonstrate that with an ImuPro guided diet (excluding personal trigger foods)

  • showed an average increase of 10% of the VO2 max (44% in one case)
  • lowered the lactic level by 50%
  • reduced the body fat by 4,5% (even 24% in one case)
  • reduced the body weight by 2,5% (6,3% in one case) compared to a sham diet (included personal trigger foods)
  • enabled faster recovery, documented by a reduced heart rate of -16%

After changing back to the sham diet all athletes returned back to their initial value, proofing the efficacy of the ImuPro guided change of diet.

An American study showed an increase of the cognitive capacities of students after excluding trigger foods from their diet.

ImuPro may help you to:

  • increase your VO2 max
  • improve your recovery
  • facilitate your fat burning
  • optimize your body composition
  • decrease your lactate

NOTE: An IgG food allergy should not to be mistaken for a classical food allergy (type I). If you have a type I allergy, your immune system produces IgE antibodies. These antibodies lead to an immediate allergic reaction. ImuPro does not detect IgE food allergies.

Why wait? Do it now and get tested today!

Healthy gut – Healthy body

Do you suffer from gastrointestinal complaints, headaches and migraines, skin problems, attention deficits, obesity and other chronic complaints. A chronic inflammation due to a delayed food allergy might be the reason. Delayed food allergies can be detected with the ImuPro blood test.

Why wait? Do it now and get tested today!

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