What if athletes react to all gluten containing grains. Do they have to worry that cutting out carbohydrates will affect their energy levels and training?

ImuPro and sports are not mutually exclusive but complement each other in an ideal way. Supplying your body with carbohydrates in foods you are reacting to, especially gluten, will drain your energy and physical power due to inflammatory processes. There are still some carbohydrates which you can eat (e.g. rice, potatoes, corn, etc.) so you can get your carbohydrate intake by those.

If there is no positive result for yeast, you can eat gluten-free breads. You may have to eat larger portions or more regularly and could also increase protein and fat intake with high quality fats rich in omega-3. Calcium supplements are a good idea, as a lot of minerals are lost during competition. Study results with athletes show that an increase of VO2max, reduction of lactate, better recovery, and better body/fat composition are achieved while adopting an ImuPro diet.

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