Isn´t there a risk that ImuPro leads to general malnutrition or an undersupply of calcium when all dairy products have to be eliminated?

For two reasons malnutrition doesn’t occur with ImuPro: rotation and reintroduction. Based on the ImuPro findings of your possible trigger foods, a diet plan is created that removes them and rotates allowable foods on a 4 to 5 day basis. This maintains variety and nutrition which ensures that your body is supplied with everything it needs. After the provocation phase, certain foods may possibly be reintroduced back into your diet. So you will have even more foods to rotate, guaranteeing a diversified and balanced diet.

There also is no risk of an undersupply of calcium if you stick to the rotation. Most milk alternatives are calcium-enriched. Broccoli, for example, contains a high proportion of calcium. In case of an increased requirement of calcium, we recommend the intake of an orthomolecular dose with meals.

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