Spice up your ImuPro change in diet with healthy herbs

Food would be so much less flavorful were it not for the wonders of herbs. Just think about Mexican food without cilantro or even pesto without basil. Herbs can enhance any dish. Whether it be scrambled eggs, a salad, grilled vegetables, a vinaigrette, or meat.

Not only that, but when you decrease or eliminate fat, sugar, and salt from your favorite recipes herbs can also help fill in the “flavor gaps”. And for people who are not big fans of vegetables, they may find the addition of a new spice or an herb or two will lift the vegetable to a whole new level.

Another additional benefit when using generous flavoring with herbs and spices, is that they may help you during your ImuPro change in diet to feel satisfied with less food. Meals bursting with flavor tend to be more satisfying, and if you eat slowly, you might be surprised at how little food you really need to get that feeling of fullness.

Healthy gut – Healthy body

Do you suffer from gastrointestinal complaints, headaches and migraines, skin problems, attention deficits, obesity and other chronic complaints. A chronic inflammation due to a delayed food allergy might be the reason. Delayed food allergies can be detected with the ImuPro blood test.

Why wait? Do it now and get tested today!

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