Delayed Food Allergies, Leaky Gut and Happiness

The intestine is a very important part of our body – therefore it is extremely important to have a healthy gut!

A so-called leaky-gut can be due to a delayed food allergy which may lead to a number of chronic complaints.

In that case, a test can help to find out which foods to avoid in case of a delayed food allergy.

Do you feel you suffer from food allergies? A food allergy is a hypersensitive reaction that occurs when the immune system overreacts to a substance that most other people find harmless. It’s like the emergency light on your car’s dashboard that suddenly flashes red, even though the engine’s maintenance is up to date. Food allergies and intolerances warn you that inflammatory foods aren’t compatible with your body. The warning may be perceived by your brain as serious stress.

If you have food allergies, the immune cells that line your gastrointestinal tract are hypersensitive. You may have low stomach acid, a pancreas that isn’t working optimally, and, possibly, a congested liver and gallbladder. You may also have an imbalance in your gut flora. The balance of gut bacteria can influence behavior and even cause depression.

Why wait? Do it now and get tested today!

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