Come through autumn fit and healthy

Unfortunately, autumn does not always show its beautiful side – the days get shorter and it is often dark, gray, and wet. In autumn, cold viruses are in high season and the number of flu patients also rises steadily – not least because our immune systems are out of practice due to wearing masks. Coronavirus numbers are also on the rise again because people are spending more time indoors.

But you can do a lot yourself to get fit and healthy throughout autumn!
Start boosting your immune system today to be armed against pathogens.

We show you how with the following tips!

Healthy and vitamin rich-diet

The intestines and immune system can be strengthened with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and secondary plant compounds. Many autumn vegetables such as fennel, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, pumpkin, kale, and the rediscovered parsnip contain these important vital substances.

Take a look at our blog section. Under the recipes section, you’ll find a lot of autumn recipes that help to boost your immune system!

Stay active even in autumn!

Defy your inner couch potato and stay active even in cold, wet weather – because that’s how you strengthen your immune system. In addition, moderate exercise in the fresh air increases not only the physical but also psychological well-being, especially in autumn.

Use every ray of sunshine

The body needs sunshine to produce vitamin D and the happiness hormone serotonin. Get out in the fresh air as often as possible, because even when the sky is cloudy, the body can produce vitamin D and serotonin.

Drink enough

Autumn marks the start of the heating season – the dry, hot heating air dries out the mucous membranes and thus provides an entry point for germs. In addition, the change of season from outdoors to indoors is strenuous for the body and causes the circulation to ride a roller coaster.

Drink at least 2 liters of fluid a day, preferably (mineral) water, unsweetened teas, or thin juice spritzers.

Start a healthy and active autumn today!

Healthy gut – Healthy body

Do you suffer from gastrointestinal complaints, headaches and migraines, skin problems, attention deficits, obesity and other chronic complaints. A chronic inflammation due to a delayed food allergy might be the reason. Delayed food allergies can be detected with the ImuPro blood test.

Why wait? Do it now and get tested today!

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