3rd International Scientific Advisory Board Meeting: May 2017 in Vienna, Austria

Vienna was the location for the 3rd International Scientific Advisory Board Meeting which took place in May 2017.

Physicians from eight countries now form the Scientific Advisory Board. What are doctors’ and patients’ experiences with the improved ImuPro concept? Which possible new indications are there for IgG tests? These were the main questions discussed in the Austrian capital. The meeting showed once more that the continuous exchange among the board members is extremely fruitful for the advancement of ImuPro.

Is there a link between auto-immune diseases like Sjörgen’s syndrome, Crohn’s disease or psoriasis and food allergies type III? Taking into account the existing international studies, there was a lively discussion on this topic during the Scientific Advisory Board meeting. One conclusion was that even if food does probably not induce the disease, it may play an important role in maintaining and aggravating the progression of it. Just as hypersensitivity to food mediated by pro-inflammatory IgG (IgG1-IgG3) may be responsible for ongoing inflammation and destruction of the targeted tissue. Therefore, it is important to identify the pro-inflammatory foods by the determination of specific IgG to food. A diet based on the ImuPro test result may help to reduce the inflammatory burden, enable the body to eliminate the respective antibodies and to repair the tissue.

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