ImuPro Scientific Advisory Board

In a time when scientific results change quickly, making increasingly difficult to keep up to date with all the information, you simply need support. Especially in the field of IgG food allergy being such a complex issue, we believe that scientific support is extremely important. Therefore ImuPro has set up an International Scientific Advisory Board, with doctors bringing in valuable experiences, to support our business partners in all important issues. This way, we can ensure that our business partners never feel left out in the cold.

The scientific board offers support for all questions concerning IgG food allergies. Besides, its members are always open for new areas of interest. They are constantly exploring the area of IgG food allergy, to make sure that the ImuPro tests are applied in the best way possible. This expert group ensures medical expertise and scientific endorsement which is of central importance for the continuous improvement of ImuPro.

The committee of doctors and scientists consists of members coming from eight countries around the world. The members have many years of experience in the daily, practical application of ImuPro and can therefore provide valuable expert knowledge. In bi-annual meetings, the consultants exchange personal experiences and best practices. This ensures that our customers as well as business partners receive the best possible service and that the product ImuPro can be continuously improved further. Naturally, the bi-annual meetings are not the only exchange of knowledge. In the time between these meetings, the chairman of the board (Dr. Camille Lieners, Luxembourg) takes care of the scientific exchange between the board members. He also ensures constant communication between the members as well as input of important content, first and foremost for our business partners. Studies are initiated in various areas and are jointly carried out, field reports are created. Another important tool: With our regular partner FAQs, we support you with answers for those questions that can arise in your daily business.

This close collaboration between the board members also laid the foundation for the relaunch of ImuPro. Decades of experience have gone into the improvement of the ImuPro concept and have ensured the success of the patients implementing this concept in their lives.

The ImuPro International Team is always interested in supporting the ImuPro business partners. This does not end with the suppling reports; our business partners also get valuable assistance in both marketing and scientific areas.

Get to know our Scientific Advisory Board members on the following page:

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