What about following the ImuPro diet and eating out? What level of adherence is needed for results? Is it impossible to achieve 100 % food avoidance, could be soy sauce that is in so many foods or due to travel?

100 % avoidance of identified food is best, of course. Not all IgG positive food leads to a specific symptom but is always involved in an inflammatory response. You have to find out which food causes which symptom after its reintroduction following the elimination phase. If it is identified as harmful, you have to avoid it 100 %. If the food reintroduced is not causing any symptoms, then we still recommend avoiding it, but an occasional intake is not dramatic. In the end it is very individual, depending on the amount of forbidden food or ingredients and the frequency of ingestion. In any case, it is better to stick to the diet, even if you cannot comply 100 %, rather than do nothing. If you don’t avoid the concerned food 100%, you risk never eliminating the IgGs and staying sensitive the rest of your life.

If you rarely cook for yourself, it makes the change in diet a bit more complicated – but not impossible. Some hints might help: In the restaurant or canteen sauces should be left out. Grilled meat or fish with potatoes or rice, vegetables or salad normally don’t cause problems – if not from the problematic food groups. You may order the salad without dressing and then use a dressing you brought along with you. Especially in the canteen, you can bring your own food: Make dinner your main meal and cook a larger portion to use the leftovers for a salad for lunch next day. In the restaurant you can ask the waiter which ingredients were used to cook a particular dish. However, we strongly recommend to consult a nutritionist, since nowadays it is not easy to identify hidden food ingredients.

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