How reliable is the ImuPro test? Critics say that not all foods tested positively lead to a symptom and so IgG tests deliver “false positive” results.

Generally the ImuPro test is performed using the ELISA method which is a well-established standard procedure in laboratory analysis. Our results are reliable and reproducible and are checked through regular quality controls in labs across different countries.

Regarding the results: First of all, just because there is no visible symptom caused by IgG antibodies, it doesn’t mean there is no reaction at all. If the immune system builds IgG antibodies to attack a certain food you have eaten, this may lead to an inflammatory process which might not be visible from the outside or by obvious symptoms. Secondly, ImuPro doesn’t claim to show a connection between a food and a certain symptom. It is a first step in finding foods that might cause or contribute to your problems.

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