How does ImuPro work?

First of all, the ImuPro test detects IgG antibodies against food, i.e. delayed food allergies which cause chronic inflammatory diseases, such as diarrhoea, flatulence, migraine, overweight, auto-immune diseases, or skin diseases. We provide you with the test results, your personal recipe book containing recipes tailored to your personal needs, and your individual nutritional guide which helps you through the following three phases.

During elimination phase the foods you react to are excluded from your diet so the inflammatory burden is reduced and your body can recover. In the provocation phase these eliminated foods are reintroduced to the diet one by one to help you find you personal “trigger food“. If the symptoms reappear, you will know that the food you just have reintroduced may be responsible for your complaints. (This strategy is also used in IgE mediated classic allergy.)

After the identification of your trigger foods they ALL should be avoided for at least one year in the stabilization phase so that the IgG antibodies can degrade and your body can recover. Allowable foods can be rotated on a 4 to 5 days basis. If you do not want to go through provocation phase, you have to avoid all positive tested foods for at least one year – without any exception.

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