Migraine Headache and IgG food allergy

Help your migraine & headache patients with ImuPro

Headaches” is a term commonly used for pain in the area of neck and head. We need to distinguish between primary headache and secondary headache. While we refer always to primary headaches, often a result of stress, cramping muscles and tension, secondary headaches have a serious underlying disease like infection, injuries and tumors.

Primary headaches are not life threatening but many people suffer from it. There are dozens of different types of headaches. Migraine is the best known form with pulsing pain and a very high sensitivity to light and sound – making a normal life impossible in the migraine attack.

Nearly everybody suffers at least once a year – but some people far more often. These people with recurrent headaches or even chronic headaches may profit from a change in diet with ImuPro. The symptoms of headache and esp. migraine are often related to inflammatory reactions potentially leveraged by IgG food allergies. ImuPro helps the patient to figure out his trigger foods and to avoid them. This reduces the inflammatory reactions and the symptoms.

ImuPro may help patients with primary headaches: It is shown that there is a relation between the reaction of the body to food and the symptoms of the migraine. It is not just an assumption – in two double-blind, randomized cross-over trial studies, the ImuPro diet could improve the patients’ symptoms significantly:

  1. Alpay et al. (2010) could show that migraine patients following an elimination diet based on ImuPro had on average 32 % fewer migraine attacks and 29.6 % fewer migraine days than patients who followed a sham diet. Furthermore, the acute medication could be reduced significantly. For some patients, the migraine disappeared completely.
  2. Aydinlar et al. (2013) observed an average reduction of migraine attacks and migraine days by 44 % for patients following the elimination diet based on ImuPro after 10 days. A general improvement in quality of life as compared with provocation diet was obtained.

This shows that the ImuPro IgG food allergy test with the unique ImuPro concept can significantly help people with migraine and headaches.

Why wait? Do it now and get tested today!


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