“Fake enemies“ can impair your fight against your “real enemies“

“Real enemies“ are antigens that can multiply and proliferate in a human organism and cause
harm to it (for example viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and / or toxins).

“Fake enemies“ are antigens recognized as foreign by the immune system but are unable to
multiply and cause direct harm (for example food, pollen, and /or auto-antigens).

The immune system has a certain capacity of immune response. If the immune system is
constantly being triggered by “fake enemies“, its ability to fight “real enemies“ will be
impaired. The consequences could be a higher susceptibility to infections or autoimmune
diseases. It is comparable to an army. If limited resources are deployed simultaneously on
too many fronts, the efficacy to defeat the enemy is less likely than if the resources are
concentrated on just one front.

How ImuPro can improve your immunity

ImuPro identifies your “fake enemies”, in particular those you encounter daily – your personal
trigger foods. Your immune system will constantly fight these foods, thus limiting your
resources to fight infectious agents. By avoiding these trigger foods the immune system is
less challenged by “fake enemies“ and can focus its action on “real enemies“, like viruses, thus
improving your immunity.

Why wait? Do it now and get tested today!

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