5th International Advisory Board Meeting

Due to Corona the 5th International Scientific Advisory Board Meeting was held online in November 2021. ImuPro experts from 10 countries participated in our very interesting online sessions. They shared their experiences with ImuPro treatments where conventional medicine was not successful or no treatment is available.

The ImuPro international experts presented several patient cases with different diseases e.g. complex patient cases on tyroid disease and psoriasis related to IgG food hypersensitivity. One of the most interesting patient case was a patient with an extreme Chronic Fatigue Syndrom. After the detection of an increased level of IgG antibodies against gluten by the ImuPro test and his diet change he got back his quality of life.

In addition different cases of pediatric patients with undiagnosed conditions like kidney, eye problems or unspecific abdominal pain with ImuPro as an unconventional treatment were introduced. A diet based on the ImuPro test result may help to reduce the inflammatory burden, enable the body to eliminate the respective antibodies and to lead to an improvement of the general condition.

We are looking forward to meeting the members this year in person for an exciting exchange of experiences around the topic ImuPro.

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