With reactions to milk, is it OK to have lactose or casein free milk or buffalo milk?

No in all three cases. With ImuPro, we are testing the production of antibodies to specific proteins of the concerned food. We don´t test for lactose, because it is not a protein but a sugar which does not trigger antibody production. You might have a type III food allergy to dairy products, but this does not necessarily mean you are lactose intolerant and vice versa. Lactose-free milk contains the same proteins as normal milk – up to 30 major proteins. The major milk protein is casein, but we don’t differentiate in our test which protein causes a reaction. So, if you consume casein-free milk, you might be able to tolerate it but we cannot predict this. It would be best to totally eliminate milk products for the recommended time. After that, you should reintroduce one product at a time. All this applies to buffalo milk, too.

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