Which medication can affect the test results or change in diet?

A long course of immunosuppressant medication, such as cortisone, steroids, prednisone, etc., may affect the results. Likewise a long course of antibiotics can distort the results. Antibiotics can damage the intestinal flora which may lead to more reactions in the ImuPro test. TNF blockers have so far not been shown to have any adverse effect on results from an ImuPro test. Also steroid based inhalers and cortisone cream are no contraindication to the test. Their concentrations are low and their effects are local. However, you should let the ImuPro team know your concern about your medication prior to ordering the test so that the team can tell you whether it will be a problem. To be absolutely sure we recommend determining the total IgG value in serum. If it is not decreased below the reference range, no negative impact on the ImuPro result should occur.

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