What should be considered for the change in diet in terms of known type I allergies?

Type I allergies are caused by IgE antibodies as immediate reactions to certain foods. The symptoms are redness, itching or rashes, and even vomiting or anaphylactic shock. So if you have known type I allergies, you should definitely avoid these foods – even if the ImuPro test shows no results for them. ImuPro determines IgG levels to detect delayed food allergies or food hypersensitivities.

Do reactions to certain foods occur within 30 minutes hours after consumption, it is very useful to also test for IgE induced allergies. The RIDA qLine Allergy Panel 1 by R-Biopharm tests for the 20 most important foods, the RIDA qLine Allergy Panel 4 is especially designed for children, since the symptoms of their reactions to food and inhalation allergens are hard to distinguish.

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