How is it possible to have a reaction to Brazil nuts having never eaten one, but almonds?

If you have a reaction against a food you never ate, doesn’t mean that this is necessarily a false positive reaction. The reason could be a cross-reaction to another food or non-food. Cross-reactions are a well-known phenomenon in all allergic diseases and respective diagnostics.
There is a marked cross-reactivity between almonds and Brazil nuts. There are even more cross-reactions possible between: hazelnuts, cashews, Brazil nuts, pistachios, and almonds. These form a group of moderately cross-reactive tree nuts. So maybe you reacted to one of the other nuts in this group.

It is not possible that the observed reaction to Brazil nuts is caused by the consumption of almonds. If that is the case, then you definitely must also have a reaction against almonds. So the reaction is either caused by a cross-reaction to other nuts (if one of them is positive), or another unknown antigen. Other cross-reactions of the 2S Albumin (main epitope) may also occur with cocoa beans, sunflower seeds, rape seeds, castor beans, English walnuts (Jug r 1), mustard seeds (Sin a 1) and sesame seeds. (Ses i 2)

You should also be aware of unexpected exposures from global everyday products. For example: Brazil nut oil is often used in soaps, shampoos, hair conditioning/repair products, and skin moisturizers. The extracts of the Brazil nut pods can be used in insect repellents.

To establish, whether a positive IgG reaction is clinically significant, the ImuPro concept englobes the so-called “provocation phase”. After a 5-8 weeks strict elimination of all IgG-positive foods, food related ailments have improved or have disappeared. This is the ideal time to clinically check if an IgG positive food induces a symptom or not. Each IgG-positive food is now introduced into the diet one by one. This enables you to identify your personal trigger food to be avoided for a longer period of time and those being clinically insignificant, and which could be gradually reintroduced into your diet. For details please refer to your personal nutritional guide provided with your ImuPro results.
The ImuPro concept is the only IgG food hypersensitivity test system offering this approach, also accepted as the golden standard in allergy diagnostics

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