Chronic fatigue wrong food

Often tired and exhausted (chronic fatigue)? The wrong food might be one reason.

ImuPro undertook a clinical observation study, to collect evidence on the efficacy of ImuPro in patients with very different conditions that may indicate food hypersensitivities, including, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, headache/migraine, overweight/obesity, fatigue, rheumatic diseases or gastroenterological complaints.

746 patients suffered from chronic fatigue

A total of 938 patients participated in this trial; 600 and 746 patients indicated that they suffered from chronic fatigue and exhaustion, respectively. The following improvements were noted after elimination of IgG-reactive food for a period of at least 8 weeks:

  • Fatigue: improvement in 71 – 76 % of patients (depending on compliance)
  • Exhaustion: improvement in 69 – 74 % of patients (depending on compliance)

Chronic fatigue and IgG food hypersensitivity

IgG is a defence protein generated by our immune system, that can recognize a foreign substance (also called antigen). This antigen is considered by the immune system as an invader, having the potential to harm the body. Following, the body starts an inflammatory reaction designed to destroy the antigen. Food or food components (proteins or parts of proteins) might also be considered as invaders by the immune system that generates food specific IgG antibodies. They are combined with food particles, and induce then an inflammatory response. Continuous and repeated consumption of the same foods that trigger such IgG-mediated hypersensitivity reactions may promote and maintain such silent, overlooked and painless chronic inflammations. IgG-mediated food hypersensitivity can therefore be a trigger factor for the development of diseases where inflammatory pathways are involved.

It is well-known that fatigue is associated with inflammatory processes, in many different diseases (see examples below).

For this reason, an IgG-based elimination diet that reduces the body´s inflammatory load will also reduce chronic fatigue and exhaustion.  

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